European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations

The European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations - EFSMA is the federation of European sports medicine societies. It is the continental grouping of sports medicine organizations in Europe recognized by the World Federation of Sports Medicine. 

The Federation was founded in 1997 during the 9th European Congress of Sports Medicine of FIMS in Porto (Portugal) and currently includes the national sports medicine societies from 41 European countries including Israel. 

Its main objectives are: Establishment of sports medicine as a specialty throughout Europe, development and coordination of sports medicine education and teaching at the relevant educational institutions, creation of a pan-European forum to coordinate activities between European societies of sports medicine and sports science institutions, propagation of the importance of physical activity and training for prevention, therapy and rehabilitation after diseases and injuries, exchange of scientific results and experience in the field of sports medicine and processing of joint research projects, and creation of licensed sports medicine centers, Propagation of ethical principles in sports medicine.