9th Congress of Exercise is Medicine Europe 2021

The Sports, Medicine and Health Summit 2020 is postponed

to April 22-24, 2021 | Hamburg, Germany

Organized by the global health initiative "European Initiative for Exercise In Medicine (EIEIM)", the Sports, Medicine and Health Summit 2021 offers international events. Top speakers from sports, medicine and health are expected. The focus will be set on the importance of physical activity for health, prevention and therapy of chronic diseases. However, the motto "Health, performance, training" also leaves room for contributions from the field of sport. The international area of ​​the summit is supported by the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) and the FIMS (International Federation of Sports Medicine). More information will follow.


The 9th Congress of Exercise is Medicine Europe is taking place in Hamburg as a part of the "Sports, Medicine and Health Summit". The first edition of the summit will take place from 22 to 24 April 2021 in the new Congress Center Hamburg (CCH). It is planned to host this event every two years in Hamburg. The congress president of the summit 2021 is Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. Jürgen M. Steinacker.

The CCH - Venue of the Sports, Medicine and Health Summit 2021

The modernized Congress Center Hamburg reopens its doors in 2020 and offers new opportunities and new dimensions. The new CCH combines a successful 40-year history with an innovative architectural concept that caters to tomorrow’s needs. Situated in the heart of the dynamic metropolis of Hamburg, this convention center plays in the international top league. With 12,000 square meters of exhibition space, 12,000 square meters of foyer space and 12,000 seats in up to 50 halls, the CCH will be one of the largest, most advanced convention centers in Europe.    

Abstract Topics

As part of the interdisciplinary congress, the overarching importance of sport and exercise will be highlighted and the meaningful networking between sport, medicine and science will be promoted. Deadline November 15th, 2020

Submit abstracts on the following topics:

  • Motion / sports therapy
  • Molecular and cellular aspects of training
  • Morphological adaptation in sports
  • Stress metabolism / metaboloma
  • Dosage and intensity control in training
  • Personalization of the training
  • Hypoxia / hyperoxia training
  • performance diagnostics
  • Psychological support in competitive sports
  • Recreation
  • Imaging procedures in sports
  • Diagnostics and assessment in rehabilitation
  • Prehabilitation / muscle maintenance
  • Exercise in Medicine
  • Sports physiotherapy treatment concepts
  • Intervention research
  • Injuries in sports
  • Physical challenge ("Sedentary Lifestyle")
  • Promotion of movement in different settings
  • Communal physical activity promotion
  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Movement and cognition
  • Exercise and mental health
  • Movement across the lifespan
  • Inclusion in sports
  • Technical developments in the field of e- and m-health
  • Free topics

What to expect from the program?

Active City - Who moves the City

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, as a certified Global Active City, is the ideal place to speak, discuss and promote innovative movement and counteract global inactivity with innovative and interdisciplinary solutions. The program is aimed at professional groups who use their expertise to promote movement and initiate and support an active lifestyle (health professions, general practitioners, pediatricians, teachers, physiotherapists, entrepreneurs, and much more). The representatives of the cities, which have been awarded the "Global Active City" label, will come together in a separate line of events to discuss opportunities for further promotion of exercise options in metropolitan areas and to present "best practice examples". Representatives of the WHO and the IOC are expected, as well as the European and worldwide association of sports medicine societies (EFSMA and FIMS).

International alliance exercise promotion

The global alliance to promote physical activity meets in Hamburg. Top-class organizations from sports, medicine and science discuss ways to counteract physical inactivity and to succesfully initiate an active lifestyle.

Appearances include

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Jürgen M. Steinacker
Interview on the Sports, Medicine and Health Summit 2021

More information will follow soon.