Prof. Dr. Jürgen M. Steinacker

Prof. Dr. Jürgen M. Steinacker

University of Ulm

Sport and Rehabilitation Medicine

Leimgrubenweg 14
89075 Ulm, Germany

Professor Dr. Jürgen Michael Steinacker is head of the Division of Sports- and Rehabilitation Medicine Center of Internal Medicine at the University of Ulm. Specialist in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine. Research focus on effects of training and rehabilitation in patients, molecular biology of skeletal muscle, chronic inflammation in training and chronic diseases. Chair of the “European Initiative for Exercise in Medicine”, Leader of the state-wide prevention programme “Join the healthy boat” of the Baden-Württemberg trust in kindergarten and primary school children. Member and Vice Chair of the Scientific Board of the German Society of Sports Medicine, Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, Member of the Health, Medical and Research Committee of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and member of various other national and international societies.