Join the EIEIM network

Overall benefits

  • Active participation in the EIEIM-network

  • Increase of knowledge and awareness regarding physical activity and exercise

  • Fostering synergy between institutions, organizations and partners active in the field of physical activity and exercise

  • Participation in trainings and education

Additional features for:

Hospitals, medical practices, fitness professionals

  • Creating an EIEIM-Network between hospital and local health care providers

  • Moderation of processes

  • Quality control support

  • Motivation of partners

  • Support with implementation of strategies

Institutions (cities, communities, regions)

  • Establishment of an EIEIM-Network

  • Monitoring and guidance

  • Establishment of network meetings

  • Quality control measures (audits)

Health insurances

  • Add EIEIM to portfolio (Model HMO Kaiser Permanente in USA)

  • Promoting Physical activity by medical doctors, increasing exercise prescription and referral

  • Decreasing morbidity in your membership


  • Partner EIEIM-Network

  • Provide solutions to partners of EIEIM

  • Certification

Global Partners