Impressions of the 10th exercise in medicine conference in padua, october 2022:

At our EIEIM conference in Padua in October 2022, live images were sketched during the scientific sessions, summarizing the topics of the presentations in the sessions.

Exercise in Medicine in the Netherlands

The following sketch illustrates the use of physical activity in medicine in the Netherlands:

Recommendation: Scientific handbook on how to prevent and treat diseases using physical activity


The Swedish National Institute of Public Health provided us with its new version of the excellent FYSS Book. It´s now available for download in english. Please find the website here!

The up-to date scientific handbook on how to prevent and treat diseases using physical activity:

Physical Activity in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease  summarizes the up-to date scientific knowledge on how to prevent and treat various diseases and conditions using physical activity. By combining recommendations on suitable exercise activities with a description of the potential risks of physical activity for various patient groups, this handbook can comprehensively be used by anyone working with physical activity and health.

The first part of the book addresses a general background to the area of physical activity, while the second part address the effects of and recommendations of physical activity in diseases and conditions within cardiovascular and metabolic medicine, psychiatry, orthopaedics, neurology, gastro-intestinal medicine, nephrology, rheumatology, pulmonary medicine and more.

The handbook is especially tailored to be a tool for licensed healthcare staff when prescribing physical activity and the method is currently used by all county councils in Sweden as well as Norway. It is also useful for physical activity organisers working with physical activity on prescription and for educational institutions, such as colleges and universities that focus on health sciences and public health.

Report: EIM Poland reports about their activies during the Corona Crisis in 2020


"From March 18th, 2020 we encourage Poles to be more active in the breakfast program of Polish public television every morning. During the 6-week project, the doctor, fitness professional and physiotherapist presented on TV how physical activity improves health. We also presented simple exercises for everyone using equipment available at home - e.g. water bottles, towels. The project aimed at showing the simplicity of movement and encouraging TV viewers to move around at home despite the pandemic.
The audience is about 800 thousand people. It is a project carried out together with the National Health Fund - the only public health insurer in Poland. In Poland, all Poles are covered by their health insurance.  
As part of this project, we have also prepared sixteen 15-20-minute films with proposals of exercises for everyone from children (Active Family) to the elderly. The films are published on the You Tube channel of the National Health Fund – Akademia NFZ and on our YT channel. Films currently have about 200 thousand viewing. And it’s constantly growing.
In the films, the doctor presents various aspects of the effects of physical activity on health, the fitness professional and physiotherapist presents exercises of different difficulty, using home equipment - chairs, towels, water bottles. The project aims to show the sequence of exercises to be performed at home at a time when fitness clubs and other sporting opportunities are going to be impossible to apply due to the limitations resulting from a pandemic."